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Award: Definition: award (noun) - something given for achievement

Do you know a young person that is performing meaningful community work? Why not nominate them for a RYSE Award?

There are several young people in our communities achieving greatness and, Providing for Kids Foundation would like to recognize their efforts!


In detail, explain how the significant acts of the nominee in the areas of community service, volunteer work or youth leadership that has improved or enriched the lives of many.

Be sure to provide specific details of the nominee, greatness that is being performed in their local community, number of years, and how people are impacted.

Finalists will be selected from the nominations based on significant acts of community service, volunteer work or youth leadership.

The finalists will be invited to attend an awards ceremony and receive the RYSE Certificate of Recognition.

Amongst the finalists, three honorees will be selected, presented with the RYSE Award.


In the Fall on EVEN years (next in 2018), we will have an afternoon awards ceremony, outstanding special guest speakers, and entertainment provided by a surprise youth group will be the backdrop for this amazing event!

Do not miss out!

Submit your nomination form by email only OR mail your nomination form along with a copy of this form to:

Providing For Kids Foundation


POB 5413

Culver City, CA 90231



Printable RYSE Awards Guidelines (PDF) (will be available in January of the year of the RYSE awards)

Submission Guidelines

Nomination forms will be disqualified if any guidelines are not met or any information requested in this form below is not included. Nominees must be responsive and comply with Awards requests during the interview and determing process or can be disqualified. Please be sure that everything is complete before you submit by mail or email. Thank you and good luck!

--   Nomination form must be submitted through U.S. mail at the address above or email only at: info@providingforkids.com

--   Nominee cannot be self-nominated, must be nominated by a company or individual other than parent or family member

--   Nominee must be etween the ages of 9 and 15 years at time of submission

--   Nominees cannot be submitted more than twice within 5 years, not submitted consecutive years, and the maximum nominations are 3 lifetime

--   Nominee must live in Los Angeles or surrounding counties

--   Nominee must be a student in good standing

                     If you are a homeschooler that files your own affidavit with the State, you must provide a second source of character and service verification

Provide the Following:

SECTION A: Nominee Information

    Name of nominee, address, city, zip, cell and evening phone with area code (2 numbers please)

    Grade/college/school (include GPA)


    Photo of nominee (must be taken within the last 6 months)

SECTION B: Nominated by

    Name, address, city, zip, cell and evening phone with area code (2 numbers please)

    Relationship to nominee

    How did you hear about the RYSE Awards?

SECTION C: Provide summary

Describe in no less than 150 words why you think your nominee deserves recognition and why this person should be nominated.

Provide very specific details:

    The significant acts of greatness this nominee performs and accomplishes in their local community

    Number of years performing

    How people are being impacted

    Explain significant acts of community service, volunteer work or youth leadership which have improved society.


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